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Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinets In Your Jacksonville Home Makes All The Difference

When someone enters your kitchen, among the first thing that they will notice are the cabinets. Picking a design that fits in with the rest of the room is crucial when it comes to installing a new set of kitchen cabinets. Another option is repairing or refacing pre-existing cabinets. 

Today's kitchens are more technological than ever before and it is only continuing in that direction. Today and tomorrows appliances will become more and more integrated with not only the cabinets form but also its functionality.

We are the experts in Jacksonville Florida when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinet installations and renovations. There are many ways to go wrong when installing or repairing old cabinets, so let us show you the proper way.

Cabinets Form and Function

Not only aesthetic but functional as well.

Cabinets role in your kitchen's appearance cannot be overstated. They can hide appliances or showcase them, they can change the mood of a room just by their color alone. Some styles speak of heritage and dignity, others convey a sense of warmth and country cottage charm. Whatever style of cabinet you want to work with, we can help.

Bathroom Cabinets Jacksonville Fl

A bathroom's cabinets should also compliment the room

Bathroom cabinets usually continue the style and theme found throughout a house but not always. Most important is that they fit in with the bathroom itself.

Many Styles to Choose From

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when deciding on what cabinets to chaoose from.

Not only are there many styles to choose from, they all have different price points that you will need to factor into your final decision when choosing kitchen or bathroom cabinets in Jacksonville Fl.

If you need anything at all done with your cabinets we are here to help. We can design and install kitchen and bathroom cabinets. We are familiar with all styles of cabinetry restorations, from refinishing to refacing to remodeling, we are the pro's in Jacksonville Florida for all your home cabinet needs.

Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets We Provide In Jacksonville

In order to make an informed decision to what type of cabinets you want to install or replace in your kitchen, we have made list of the most common cabinet styles currently in Jacksonville Fl and surrounding areas.

Your Own Custom Design

Despite the variety of cabinet styles available to consumers today. sometimes it is easier to get your kitchen cabinets designed for you. We can help you create the perfect face for your cabinets to match your home in a unique way.

shaker cabinet


By far the most common style nowadays are "Shaker" cabinets. Consisting of a 4 piece frame overlaid on top of a flat back panel these are seen in many households in the U.S.A. Usually made of wood such as maple, hickory, cherry and oak, shaker cabinets are charaterized by their solid construction and flat panelled doors with rail handles.


Despite the name there is no metal found in thermfoil cabinets. This style of cabinet is created by vaccum pressing a thin layer of vinyl onto the cabinet surface. The cabinets are often made from particle board and they are usually quite affordable. One of the drawbacks is the heat resistance is not as high as other types of cabinets which can lead to seeling if placed too close to hot appliances such as stoves or toasters etc. Pro's are that they come in a huge variety of colors and they are paintable as well..

Distressed Cabinets

If you are going after an antique style appearance, then the distressed wood look may be your friend. If you don't mind paying a little extra, any cabinets can be "distressed" for around 15-20% of the original price. This creates the look of an old piece of history, timeless in it's appeal.


Inset cabinets are on the higher end price-wise due to their precise machining which allows the doors to close almost hermetically. They are designed so that the frames sit inside their enclosures very securely. These are easy to personalize with beaded or non-bearded inserts giving many options when it come sto matching your kitchens style.


Suitable for homes with a country style or a cottage feel in their kitchens, "Beadboard" style cabinets are made of rows of vertical boards. They can be a few or many with a split between them known as a bead. One drawback is the eads can be a harder to clean than Slab surfaces for instance.


These sleek looking units are known as Slab or Flat-Panel cabinets. They have an unblemished surface that make them a great fit for modern kitchens with clean lines and countertops seeking a minimalist look. Easy to clean and maintian as well and you don't have to worry about hinges either as they usually come built-in.

Let us show you the best options for your new cabinet installation.

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